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The London Film School

Course of Study: Masters in Filmmaking 

Ithaca College

GPA: 3.5

Course of Study: Film and Television Production

Anglo-American University: Prague, Czech Republic

Graduation: March 2019

Graduation: December 2015

Concentration: Screenwriting

Semester: Spring 2013

Directing Experience

Writer/Director- Short Film: THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE (Czech Republic)

Wrote and directed a short film for a 48 Hour Festival. The prompt was to demonstrate three genres in three minutes or less. The film consisted of Romance, Comedy, and Horror that were weaved together. We filmed in a beautiful villa in Prague and the whole film was written and completed within 48 hours.

Writer/Director- Short Film: DANCE OF THE PORCELAIN DEMONS (London/Czech Republic)

Wrote and directed a short horror film shot on the Mini Alexa in a castle in the south of the Czech Republic. Worked with non-English speaking actors and crew to create a beautiful horror film that achieved high praise from critics and is now heading into the festival circuit.

Writer/Director/Editor- Short Film: DOLLHOUSE (London)

Wrote and directed a short horror film shot in colour on 16mm film on the Aaton XTR, cast the film, worked with producer to get proper licensing for child actress and location, planned out shot list with DOP, edited with Avid and colour graded with Da Vinci Resolve

Writer/Director- Short Film: FLASHES (London)

Wrote and directed a personal and powerful short, shot in colour on the Sony FS7, re-edited for festival submissions


Writer/Director- Short Film: SHHH (London)

Wrote and directed a short horror film shot on 16mm film on the Aaton XTR, black and white and silent. Cast the film, set up permits for locations, created call sheets, planned out shot list with DOP and editor 

Second Unit Director/1st AD- Feature Film: ANNIE'S WORLD (New York)

Organizing cast and crew, editing script, assistant to the director, head of production assistants

September - November 2016
October 2016
January - April 2017
March - May 2016
March 2018 - May 2019
May 2022

On Set Experience

November 2017 - August 2018
August - November 2017
October - November 2017
October - November 2017
October 2017

1st AD/Art Director/Sound Recordist- Feature Documentary: AIC (Prague)

Worked with the Director to organise both casting and logistics for the shoot. Recorded interview notes for editing. Organised catering. Ran sound recorder. Sourced and arranged set decoration.

Producer/1st AD- Short Film: AT SEA (London)

Worked with the Director to organise both casting and logistics for the shoot. Organised all aspects of the film from catering to production design. Created and maintained shooting schedule. Assisted in building the set and secured an exterior location on an actual hundred year old boat in a river.

Production Designer- Short Film: REMAINS (London)

Fully designed and built set, handmade roots using liquid latex as well as other props, oversaw costume and prosthetics makeup, worked as both production designer and props master on set, sourced all props and dressing. Film was shot on Arri Alexa in black and white


Co-Production Designer- Short Film: AUDITION (London)

Assisted in set design and build, oversaw costume and graphics departments, sourced props and dressing. Film was shot on Arri Alexa

Wardrobe- Short Film: UB-13 (London)

Assisted in costume design and ageing, dressed actors and altered costumes to fit

Art Dept Assistant- Short Film: A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW (London)

(credited as Production Design Assistant)Assisted in costume, dressed actors and altered costumes to fit, aged props and assisted with art department on set

Production Designer- Short Film: OI, NATHAN (United Kingdom)

Designed costumes, selected props, acted as standby art director and wardrobe on set

Producer/Editor- Documentary: INTO THE WOODS (United Kingdom)

Collected group options for the director to choose subjects from, set up locations, completed release agreements and risk assessments, managed budget, organised crew transportation and lodging. Worked with director to select and cut together best footage to tell the director's story.

Focus Puller- Short Film: THE ONE IN THE MIRROR (London)

Checked and pulled focus on Aaton XTR

Director of Photography- Short Film: THE OBSERVER (London)

Planned out a challenging shot list with director, set up lighting, assisted camera crew with shots, shot on colour 16mm 

Camera Operator- Short Film: LENA AT THE PARTY (London)

Worked with director and camera assistant to follow the shot list and create a strong and moving film

Clapper Loader/Producer- Short Film: WASH (London)

Loaded and laced 16mm film into the magazine of the Aaton XTR, maintained clapper board and mag card with editor notes, kept timing on set, cared for actors

Director of Photography- Short Film: A NIGHT OUT (London)

Planned out a shot list with the director and camera operator, filmed on the Sony FS7


Co-Writer/Producer- Short Film: ONE LAST DRINK (London)

Wrote opening scene and helped plan out the shots for it, set up locations, collected paperwork, cared for actors

Editor- Short Film: THE BRIEFCASE (London)

Worked with the director to create a finished product he was happy with, edited on Premiere Pro with Da Vinci Resolve colour grading. 

Clapper Loader/1st AD- Short Film: MAN WITH STICK (London)

Loaded and laced 16mm film into the magazine of the Aaton XTR, maintained clapper board and mag card with editor notes, kept timing on set, cared for actors

1st AC/Gaffer/Grip- Documentary: C.R.A.F.T (Maryland)

Acted as Second Camera Op, set up lighting, ran sound, attended speakers, assisted Director


Runner- Pilot: SUICIDE PLATOON (United Kingdom)

Assisted AD, acting 2nd AD, cared for actors, cared for crew, errands, arranged meals, basic organization and management


Camera Assistant - Music Video: NIGELLA (London)

Assisted Camera Operator, worked with Red Dragon camera, changed batteries and lenses


Runner- TV Idents True Crime Sony (United Kingdom) 

Cared for actors and crew, assisted various departments, supported assistant directing team, stand in


Head of Wardrobe- Music Video: YOU’RE NOT SORRY (London)

Designed costumes, fitted and sewed costumes, dressed actors, assisted on set


Runner- Feature: ROMANS (London)

Starring: Orlando Bloom

Cared for actors, production assistant, supported assistant directing team, acted as a 3rd AD in their absence, appointed script supervisor for Unit B team, assisted various departments, script and call sheet distribution


Runner- American Music Awards and Creative Arts Emmys (Los Angeles) 

Seat-filler Crew: organized a large group of seat-fillers, worked with team members to ensure all seats remained full, maintained a professional persona around celebrities, was put in charge of “special section” containing a finalist on Next Top Model


Runner- TV Series: ANGER MANAGEMENT (Los Angeles) 

Starring: Charlie Sheen 

Maintained and constantly moved video village, script distribution to cast, shoot schedule distribution to cast and crew, delivered daily shot records and DVD to post, assisted actors and writers both on and off set, acted as an assistant to guest stars


Assistant Producer- Feature: THE DOWNSIDE OF BLISS (Los Angeles)

Edited script, hired crew, location scout, permit acquisition, SAG paperwork, assistant to Director/Lead Actor


Audio and Extra- CNN (Washington D.C.) 

A CNN accredited video played at the Radio and Television Congressional Correspondence Dinner Ran sound, performed as an extra

February 2016
February 2016
January - February 2016
December 2015
November - December 2015
August - November 2014
June - December 2014
Summer 2014
May 2016
September - November 2016
September 2016
October 2016
October 2016
February - April 2017
February - April 2017
March - April 2017
February - April 2017
April - July 2017
August 2017
July 2022 - Ongoing


Intern- WHITE64 (Washington D.C.)

Shot commercials for clients, edited and color corrected footage, created a campagin which was presented to a client, trafficked out spots for radio and television, did research for spots

Intern- Tea Shop Film Company (London)

Script reports, production assistant for multiple feature films, travel arrangements, office upkeep, casting assistant


Work Experience- Cazt (Los Angeles)

Job posting, assisting casting directors, maintaining casting rooms, performed self tapes for actors, coached actors for auditions


Intern - Evolution Entertainment (Los Angeles)

Script coverage, answering phones, covering desks, breakdowns, booking talent, assisting talent, assistant duties to a high level talent manager

November - January 2016
August - September 2014
July - December 2014
July - September 2016
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